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About MovementToChang

Promise For Authenticity

We promise authentic educational, mentoring, and consulting services in the fields of wellness, healing and mental health.


President and Author

Eva Lapides is a New York State leader for change. For over three decades she has been helping people who are or feel vulnerable change their lives, as she continues to grow and improve her own life.



To improve

mental health and wellbeing  

by leading the way in healing and wellness through education, innovative products

and approches, and authentic services.


MovementToChange, Inc.


We provide classes, training, speakers, mentoring and consulting for groups and individuals seeking mental health and wellbeing, recovery, healing, and wellness. Health care facilities wishing to improve their mental health services and companies wishing to improve their employees' health and productivity will also find us effective.


Our educational materials include the MovementToChange Healing and Wellness Curriculum which expands on information, knowledge and skills that support healing environments, wellness communities, and the dilemmas people face when recovering from the diagnosis of "mental illness".  Our focus is on others, like ourselves, who have experienced life-disruptive emotional distresses and trauma whether first starting to seek help, stuck in non-movement, or now wanting to use their experiences to help others.

New York State Leader for Change


Eva Scholle Lapides is a New York State leader for change who has been helping vulnerable people who seek psychiatric help for over three decades.


As a Founder and President of Westchester Consumer Empowerment Center now known as The Empowerment Center (TEC), Eva has been providing leadership and vision to the Recovery Movement of Psychiatric Survivors since 1994. For a few years, besides being a Board of Director for Mental Patient Liberation Alliance, she served as its Chairperson. In addition she was an outspoken Board Member to The Guidance Center, a Moderator for political debates as a member of the League of Women Voters, and an Area Governor to Toastmasters International.


The process of deinstitutionalization in the 70s was part of her formal education at Syracuse University which she completed in 1979 with a double major in Special and Elementary Education. Familiar with psychotherapy, she trained in a variety of body work and alternative healing methods. Besides life experience, her research always entails an academic approach, dialoguing and focus groups. Her materials, structured for clarity and hands-on friendliness, have proven extremely effective. She pursues learning and making a better life for others. The Scholle Model® and all of its practical applications were created as others realized what she does and wanted her to share her knowledge and talents in such ways that more people would gain the benefits.  

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Author - Eva F. Scholle


In October 1996, Eva wrote her first booklet, the informative “From Hospital to Recovery” with 20,000 copies distributed in Westchester and Rockland County, New York sponsored by individuals and Westchester Independent Living Center through the Department of Community Mental Health System of Services. You may download a copy of this booklet here.

Eva completed her unpublished memoir "Does It Matter" in January 2005.   Her first two books "What is Your Trauma" and "For When Things Go Wrong" were published in May 2011 which began The Survival Guide Series to Regaining Your Life.

Major Awards


  • Lifetime Achievement Award, The Empowerment Center (TEC) 2010;

  • Woman of the Year in Mental Health, VIP National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) 2010;

  • Woman of the Year, VIP National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) 2009

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