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The Survival Guide Series 

To Regaining Your Life


By Eva F. Scholle




1.  What Is Your Trauma?

Identify the Situation with the Serious Toy-Book


2.   For When Things Go Wrong

Arrive at Your Solutions with the Empowering

Self-Reflection Workbook


3.   Perspective on Psychiatric Recovery

Gain Insight Into the Concepts of Recovery and

The Ways These Concepts Apply To Everyone


4.   Aspire Towards Healing and Wellbeing Model 

Learn the Comprehensive Model for Direction and Answers


5.   Aspire Towards Healing and Wellbeing I

Focus On Wanting To Want and Aspiring Towards Your Goals


6.   Aspire Towards Healing and Wellbeing II

Spend Time on Your Healing and Wellness and Learning How to Lead a Better Life -- Coming Soon


Living Growing Dialogue


We believe in the value of sharing, making personal connections, and the knowledge you have gained from your life experiences. We believe that the dialogue needs to keep occurring to insure growth and take on a life of its own. Your input is extremely valuable and adds to the knowledge base.






"Very educational and informative."

"The books are excellent."

"She did her homework and research."

"Please spread the word to others!"

  • How can we make our lives more doable?

  • How can we heal and find wellbeing?

  • How can our experiences be different?

  • How will we get our needs met?

  • How can we find "psychiatric recovery"?


Daily we ask ourselves these question and together we keep finding the answers.

Are You Seeking Answers?



We Shared and So Did You

Recovery Workforce Summit: PRA 2015 Annual Conference 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Contact us today if you missed the interactive experience of Poster Session of

The Blueprint to Building a Balanced and Worthwhile Life and dialoguing with Eva Scholle Lapides;

author of The Survival Guide Series to Rebuilding Your Life featuring Aspire Towards Healing and Wellness;   

Perspective on Psychiatric Recovery: Introduction to Recovery, Healing and Wellness;  

What Is Your Trauma? Serious Toy-Book for Adults and Young Adults;   

For When Things Go Wrong: Empowerment Model Pre-Advance Directive and Self-Reflective Plan Workbook.

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