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Our Quest For Authenticity


We know the distress because it is within the radius of our own experiences. We know how to use this knowledge to discover what is needed and we rejoice with its achievement.

Our quest is to be authentic and grow; to seek for what was not there and search for what has been lost. We seek and give priority to first-hand knowledge and requests for healthier lives.


Our quest is to be authentic with heart; to hold fast to our path and prove its truth analytically with an accompanying heart. We include passion, sincerity, purity of motive, and intolerance of the status quo.


Our quest is to be authentic and to pursue clarity; to strive to gain it and maintain the knowledge from its perspective. Since we understand human frailties we understand no one is always able to have focus and clarity as this is a shifting balance.


Our quest is to be authentic with humility; not to get lost in the dangers of resignation and passivity, the world of illusion or hubris, or thinking ourselves greater than we really are because we know who we are with our limitations as well as our strengths.


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