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Simple and powerful because of its practical applications;


Multi-dimensional healing and wellness based on first-hand experiences and then on mental health, holistic healing, wellness, educational and business models;


Shifts people's approach to distress by increasing their healing potential and improving their responses to everyday life's susceptibility through insight;


Eliminates unnecessary new trauma, increases productivity, and facilitates journeys toward health, wellness and happiness. Other approaches can easily find a place within this model;


The Scholle Model® is for you who are in need of healing, bettering your life or wanting to help others; We provide education and mentoring by sharing our knowledge and the network of resources on how to heal, help one self and others, and seek life's balances;


The Scholle Model® and its gamut of resources is applicable to professionals providing services at every level of the behavioral health system of care in the practical approach of engaging in person-centered, recovery-based relationships.

Anticipated Outcomes



The Scholle Model

Trademark for MovementToChange Inc


Practical applications will guide the way during the process of healing;

Increase sensitivity and wellbeing in one self and each other will result in stronger communities;

People's approach to distress will shift by increasing their healing potential, improving their responses to everyday life's susceptibility, and sharing  insight;


Tolerating of mediocrity will no longer be acceptable because of higher personal standards and better services;


The fundamental principles of Psychiatric Recovery will become easier to apply for better results.


The Scholle Model




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