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Changing Expectations


Why Here? Why Now?

I’m so excited to have you here in my new home. I don’t know if you know it, but you are instrumental in the creation of this spa retreat. And you are instrumental in needing to be here, a place other than Dimensions to have our annual membership meeting.

How is this? The Empowerment Center has grown to be so much more than Dimensions and NYWRAC advocates at Rockland Psychiatric Center. You know this. Our membership is so much more than going to one of our peer support centers or reaching out to an advocate. It involves active participation and a desire to give. You know this. We have become a premier statewide organization setting new standards and expectations. Our membership needs to come together in a place to celebrate its glory. I welcome you here for such events.

How did my spa retreat come into being? By changing my expectations! For the last few years, we’ve been discussing a capital campaign for purchasing property. We discussed the needs for a building in many contexts including creating healing environments in sustainable communities. Healing environments: A spa retreat! You get the connection. You know the need.

Do you know the saying, “Build it and they will come” from the movie “Field of Dreams”? I needed to move out of my home as my marriage dissolved and I wanted to create a home to heal in. I wanted, not just a welcoming place that attracts community, but a spa retreat to heal, not just for myself and my children but for my growing extended family. When I bought this property I had a vision and I had people to help me accomplish it. Today, I complain to my contractor that instead of creating for me a comfortable home he created this beautiful spa retreat. He upped my standards because he believed in my vision and he believed we should have it.

For many years The Empowerment Center has been raising the bar in standards and expectations. You being here, in my new home, show how high we have together raised the bar in changing expectations. Together, we know this. But, I ask you now, what do we need to do to continue raising the bar successfully?

The Empowerment Center Annual Membership Meeting in White Plains, NY

Opening Remarks by Eva Scholle, President

October 28, 2008

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