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Fountain House Model

The program was first established in New York City in 1948 with now around 400 Clubhouses internationally. The emphasis at Fountain House is on member to member, and member to staff relationships. Fountain House is a professional self-help program operated by members who are men and women recovering from mental illness in collaboration with a professional staff. Members volunteer in every function of Fountain House to operate the organization in exchange for the chance to gain skills, access opportunities, and make friends.

Fountain House’s programs and partnerships originate in its units. Each unit is “home base” for a number of members and staff, who work together to develop and operate a particular activity. In each unit staff members provide community support for members to ensure that they receive the benefits and services they need from both Fountain House and beyond.

The programs are housing, employement, wellness, education and young adults. Selected examples: Wellness includes intergrated psychiatraic and primary medical care besides nutritional counseling and healthy food offerings, personal training and access to on-site fitness equipment, education on a range of topics from preventative testing to stress management, and an extensive smoking cessation program. Education includes an array of supports that enable students not only to return to school but to excel.

Replication of the Fountain House Model was a goal of the organization from its early stages. In 1976 Fountain House received its first grant from NIMH and since over 2000 colleagues have been trained.

By Eva Scholle

MovementToChange teaches and mentors people in Healing and Wellness

MovementToChange teaches and mentors people in Healing and Wellness

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