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Healing and Wellness Model

Based first on personal experience and then on research of wellness, health, education and business models, the Scholle Aspire Towards Healing and Wellness Model is a comprehensive healing and wellness model that incorporates the leading resources for healing and recovery.

The Scholle Healing and Wellness Model inspires practical applications for seeking your life’s balance, healing needs, and desire to help others.

The first step is to define recovery, healing and wellness. Language can define a process and defines how one identifies oneself, so knowing facilitative words and finding the questions can open the door to awareness. The next step is to walk through, to blend the questions with understanding and practical applications.

Start with common decency, kindness and respect, as kindness can ease traumatic situations and the lack of common decency can cause trauma. We all have human needs and we must be respectful of them. This is a basic assumption of the “Healing and Wellness Model”.

The Scholle Aspire Towards Healing and Wellness Model SM is based on four components: Satisfy Human Needs with Kindness; Seek Healing and Wellness; Function with Respect; and Interact with Quality Service.

Satisfy Human Needs with Kindness builds on three pyramids which walk one through the fundamentals of needs describing what they are and how to make them happen.

Time needs to be spent understanding both sides of seeking Healing and Wellness, from the healing journey to the mindset and sustainability of wellness. The Healing Journey is a complicated one of reframing, understanding, creating and learning. It takes time to establish resources and time to create new interactions. Luckily the field of healing is humongous and resources are plentiful. You can find what works for you by becoming more self-aware. Looking at wellness, one finds one’s aspirations and life balance with the goal of sustainability.

The remaining components deal with how understanding your rights and mine help us create a humane world; understanding the relationship between caregiver and receiver so that quality service can be given and received.

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