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Addiction Recovery Model

Addiction is a complex and gripping state of imbalance that overtakes a person’s body, mind and spirit where one works on understanding the complex physiological processes that starts and reinforces it.

As aspects of addiction are highly pleasurable, to start the process of Addiction Recovery most people tend to need to hit bottom before they find the need to change. It can take years of pain and struggle to regroup, heal and get one’s life back on track.

The Addiction Recovery Model focus is to reduce the risk of relapse into addictive behaviors. The primary purpose is to stay sober from the addiction and help others to solve the common problem of achieving sobriety through sharing experience, strength and hope.

Addiction Recovery believes recovery is possible. -- You see that other people have recovered and you develop confidence that you can change your life to a life without addiction.

By Eva Scholle

MovementToChange teaches and mentors people in Healing and Wellness

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